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Indi Vercamer is a Seattle-based screenwriter. He is a proud WSU Coug, a Seahawks fan, and an avid supervillain lair enthusiast.

Articles Published : 34

All Quiet On The Western Front- Soldiers in battle

All Quiet on the Western Front: Why It’s Still Required Viewing

The 1930 film has an impressive legacy and is still relevant to this day.

Batman v Superman Has Lex Luthor Commiting This Horrible Act
Movie Lists

The Most Absurd Supervillain Plans in Movies, Ranked

"Why make trillions when we could make... billions?"- Dr. Evil

UHF Weird Al
Movie Lists

The Best Movie-Related Weird Al Yankovic Songs

With Daniel Radcliffe playing him in an upcoming movie, one has to wonder if we'll get a Harry Potter parody song any time soon.

Ingrid Bergman
Movie Lists

The Best Ingrid Bergman Movies, Ranked

Let's take a look at some of the best works by one of classic cinema's biggest icons.

Pokemon- Ash with some of his Pokemon
TV Lists

Pokémon: These Members of Ash Ketchum's Team Deserved Better

This list proves that Ash still has a long way to go before he can call himself a Pokémon master.

The Lion King- Be Prepared
Movie Lists

The Best Fictional Dictators In Movies and Shows, Ranked

Supreme executive power is derived from... whatever the people on this list say it's derived from.

Amarcord by Federico Fellini
Movie Lists

Most Successful Countries in The Best International Feature Film Oscar Category

Which nations have the best track record in this category? Read on to find out.

la la land
Movie Lists

The Best Performances in 21st Century Movie Musicals, Ranked

They can act, they can sing. Some of them can dance, too. All gave incredibly memorable performances in movie musicals.

Ex Machina
Movie Lists

Oscar-Worthy Performances in Sci-Fi Films That Should Have Been Nominated

Some truly great performances have come from science fiction. Let's discuss some of them.

SWAT Kats- Unlikely Alloys
TV Lists

SWAT Kats: The Best Episodes, Ranked

With a planned revival in the works, let's take a look at some of the best SWAT Kats episodes.

Cancelled Star Wars TV Show Told Emperor Palpatine's Origin Story
Movie Lists

The Best Galactic Conquerors, Ranked

Everybody wants to rule the world. Everyone on this list wants to rule significantly more than one planet.

The Godfather, Part II- Robert Duvall
Movie Lists

The Best Robert Duvall Movies, Ranked

Robert Duvall has had an incredible career. Here are the best movies he's been in.

Emma Stone in a black dress in The Favourite
Movie Lists

The Best Films About British Royalty, Ranked

A few of these messed up monarchs make strange women lying in ponds distributing swords look like a good system of government after all.

The Spy Who Loved Me (1)
Movie Lists

James Bond: The Best Henchmen From the Franchise, Ranked

Good henchmen are hard to find, especially since 007 keeps killing off the best ones.

Movie Lists

Indiana Jones: The Best Action Scenes, Ranked

Some of the best action sequences of all time are in these films. Let's remember our Charlemagne and discuss the best ones.

Movie Lists

The Best Debut Performances Nominated for An Oscar, Ranked

Some actors strike gold right out of the gate. Here's a list of a few who did just that.

Movie Lists

The Best Alec Guinness Movies, Ranked

The original Obi-Wan Kenobi has appeared in quite a number of fantastic films.

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