Carey Mulligan Enjoys Being Violent With No Consequences on Set of 'Promising Young Woman'

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The 'Great Gatsby' actress talks about the making of her new critically-acclaimed comedy thriller, admitting that she loves filming the violent scenes on the set.

  • Jan 20, 2021

AceShowbiz - Carey Mulligan enjoyed performing violent scenes in "Promising Young Woman".

The actress stars as Cassie Thomas in Emerald Fennell's black comedy and revealed she relished the experience of being violent on the big screen - which has been a rarity in her career.

"It was quite fun. It's funny, I said to someone the other day - when we were shooting Drive, I always wanted to get out of the elevator and be in a scene," she told The A.V. Club.

"And I think there was a scene originally at some point in Drive where there was a shootout - I think in the basement - and I was there. And then it got cut, and we didn't shoot it. So yeah, it was nice to get to - well, it's always fun to smash up a car with a tire iron if there's no consequences."

In fact, Carey enjoyed being destructive so much that she was left disappointed when a scene where she smashes a car only required three takes.

"I remember being disappointed because we only got to do it three times, because we had three sets of tail lights. I was like, 'Come on, let's do another one!' And Emerald was like, 'No, no, calm down, buddy,' " Carey laughed.

Carey Mulligan will be honoured with the International Star Award at the upcoming Palm Springs International Film Awards for her role in "Promising Young Woman".

Previous recipients of the International Star Award include Nicole Kidman, Helen Mirren, Saoirse Ronan, and Charlize Theron.

Like last year's honoree Theron, who went on to gain an Oscar nomination for her role in movie "Bombshell", Mulligan is among Oscar favorites this year. She has already been named Best Actress at Los Angeles Film Critics Association, San Diego Film Critics Society, Houston Film Critics Society, St. Louis Film Critics Association, and Music City Film Critics Association.