World War Hulk Fan Art Imagines Mark Ruffalo's First Solo Hulk Movie

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Awesome new fan art of a proposed World War Hulk movie teases Mark Ruffalo starring in a solo Incredible Hulk film, and now I'm left wishing this was happening for real. Created by digital artist @zerologhy on Instagram, the teaser poster depicts Ruffalo as Bruce Banner and the Marvel Cinematic Universe's version of Hulk completely surrounded by carnage. Though nothing more than well-made fan art, the concept sounds interesting as the World War Hulk story would make for an excellent movie. You can look at the poster art below.

As Ruffalo has become so synonymous with Hulk at this point, it's strange to look back and remember that it was another actor who played Bruce Banner in the Hulk's only solo MCU movie. Released in 2008, the second-ever MCU movie, The Incredible Hulk, starred Edward Norton as the titular green superhero. Due to drama behind the scenes, Norton and Marvel parted ways after the project, leading to Ruffalo replacing him in the MCU when the character was brought back for the 2012 crossover movie The Avengers. Ruffalo has been our Hulk ever since, reprising the role in six other MCU movies, though he has yet to star in his own solo movie.

It remains unclear what's next for Mark Ruffalo as Hulk following his latest appearance in 2019's Avengers: Endgame. Last month, the actor claimed that his role in that sequel was "supposed to be the end" of the character's story arc. However, it seems more than likely he'll appear in Marvel's upcoming She-Hulk series for Disney+, as Bruce Banner plays a large part in the female Hulk's origin story. Ruffalo has also suggested he'd be open to appearing on the series if given the opportunity. With all of this in mind, there's no good reason why Ruffalo shouldn't have a cameo appearance at the very least on the She-Hulk series.

Whether or not Hulk appears on She-Hulk, many Marvel fans would certainly love to see Ruffalo finally get his own MCU solo movie. Last year, Ruffalo told fans he'd had discussions with Marvel head Kevin Feige on possible ideas of where to take the character next. The actor then specifically named Hulk vs. Wolverine as the potential movie he'd love to see the most, which had a lot of comic book readers excited. Wolverine and the X-Men have yet to debut in the MCU, though there are reportedly plans to bring them in at some point now that Fox's X-Men movie series has come to an end.

With or without a new Hulk movie on the horizon, there's plenty to look forward to in the MCU. Phase 4 will begin in May with the release of Black Widow, followed by The Eternals, Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, and new sequels to Doctor Strange, Thor, and Spider-Man: Far From Home. Let's keep our fingers crossed for a solo Hulk movie for Phase 5. The World War Hulk fan art shown above comes to us from @zerologhy on Instagram.