Rita Ora and Taika Waititi Moving Into Her London Mansion

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The judge of U.K.'s 'The Masked Singer' and her rumored director fiance have been spotted in Britain, marking the first time they're seen together since they got engaged.

  • Jul 4, 2022

AceShowbiz - Rita Ora is reportedly moving back to Britain with her film director fiance Taika Waititi. On Saturday, July 2, the couple was seen together for the first time since they got engaged, with onlookers saying they were moving into the 31-year-old singer's London mansion.

After anger erupted over her 30th birthday party at a West London restaurant flouting COVID lockdown rules, the "Let You Love Me" hitmaker has spent the majority of her time for the last two years in America and Australia. She was photographed carrying items including a large packet of bottled mineral water, and with the 46-year-old "Jojo Rabbit" filmmaker while walking to a pub near the £8 million North London property the singer bought last year.

"It's unusual to see Rita in the neighborhood these days - she bought the house but left the country almost immediately afterwards and has barely spent any time there," an onlooker told The Sun. "But they were shopping for things and loading bits in and it's obvious this is going to be where they call home, at least for a while. They're a very jet-setting couple, and have homes all over the place, but it felt as though this was quite a permanent move watching their behavior."

Ora, whose exes include DJ Calvin Harris, started dating Waititi, who was in a relationship with actress and writer Loren Horsley for 10 years, around 18 months ago. It was revealed in June that they were engaged and preparing what is understood to be a low-key ceremony before a more ostentatious event in the summer to celebrate their marriage.